Maximise the use of your ERP tools with SAP Fiori UI5

SAP Fiori represents the standard for the SAP user experience (UX), an interface that interacts easily with all SAP application components, enabling you to turn new ideas into great applications as quickly as the market demands. 

Based on UI5 (HTML5) technology, SAP FIORI focuses on the best uses of each functional area and on all types of terminals. 

SAP has adapted to changing business practices and has optimised the design of the ERP thanks to the FIORI solution. 

What are the main goals of SAP FIORI?

With SAP FIORI, you can improve user productivity by simplifying and automating everyday tasks on any device. 

You can also boost user adoption with a UX design tailored to key tasks and activities. By making it easier to enter information into your registration system, you improve compliance and data quality.  
With SAP Fiori, you can reduce training and support costs with simple, ergonomic, role-based screens that accelerate the ramp-up of your information systems and minimise user error. 



Create FIORI applications with modern, innovative and consistent user interfaces

Aymax provides in-depth expertise in both SAP Fiori and SAP Gateway through a team of experienced technical consultants, managed by senior consultants with expertise and certification in FIORI development and administration.  
Our developments follow SAP standards and best practices and are based on the Fiori application reference library. On ECC or S4HANA, we help our customers develop innovative, intelligent and responsive applications. 

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Accelerate your performance with SAP FIORI!

Whether it is transactional, analytical, or even descriptive, FIORI applications are adopted more quickly than a traditional SAPGUI application. The rapid adoption of Fiori APPS contributes to better process utilisation and therefore optimises your company’s performance. Find out from our consultants how different annotations can change the look and feel to suit your needs and enable you to create impressive and fast applications. 

What does SAP Fiori UI5 bring to the user experience?

  • User interface adapted to your needs  
  • Increasing the number of integrated applications  
  • Increased productivity and ERP compliance 
  • Modern and intuitive design: Ease of use 
  • Enhanced mobile experience 
  • Better alignment with your SAP HANA workflow 
  • SAP FIORI adapts to all business processes 
  • Continuous innovation 
  • Optimisation of data quality and extraction 
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Optimise your SAP applications with Fiori applications

Our functional and technical teams support you throughout your projects, from the audit phase of your needs to the production launch, including the testing and validation stages. Project management in agile mode allowing you to fully understand your needs with responses adapted to your objectives. 


Implementation of a Click & Collect solution for Picard
Picard, as a pioneer in the frozen food sector for over a century, is a French company specialising in the retailing of frozen food products as a private label.
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Implementation of Fiori tiles (UX) for Bastide
The Bastide project is an implementation of FIORI applications that meet the needs of customers in the medical equipment sales and rental sector by allowing them to track their requests.
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