SAP business technology platform

Unleash the power of your ERP with SAP BUSINESS TECHNOLOGY PLATFORm (SAP BTP)


Accelerate your Cloud migration using SAP’s Business Technology Platform, a Platform as a Service (PaaS).

Aymax places your company at the center of your transformation. Through this platform, we connect all your businesses and harness the power of your ERP system, all while providing a personalized user experience. Cover all your business needs with a platform that combines development, integration, analytics, and AI tools with the native SAP appearance and feel.

Integrate your business applications in the cloud

Whether you are using an SAP ECC6 or S/4HANA system (Cloud or On-Premises), make use of the Cloud to boost the capability of your ERP and optimize all your business processes, while lowering the cost of custom application development.

Integrate all your solutions with your SAP Native applications, gain access to a vast library of business applications, customize all tools and connect all your data with SAP Business Technology Platform.

Take advantage of the benefits of an open Cloud platform with SAP BTP

  • You can reliably interconnect all your data in real time, thanks to the HANA and HANA Cloud databases. Use the SAP Analytics Cloud and Data Warehouse Cloud to precisely steer your data strategy and maximize the impact of your decisions.

  • SAP Business Technology Platform offers an extensive library of business applications. Our role is to support you in choosing, mastering, creating, or customizing them, to enhance your IT infrastructure.

  • SAP BTP integrates ready-to-use, industry-specific Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning models tailored to your business. Pilot them all on a single platform and improve your processes by using these technologies.

  • Transform your company’s planning process through the integration of all your plans and applications into a single platform: SAP BTP. Enable decision-making based on reliable, real-time data, shared across your entire company.
  • Security is a major issue in all our IT projects. SAP BTP has been designed to meet the highest security standards & requirements: the Cloud infrastructure frees you from all maintenance and supervision, while the fragmentation of application tiles enables you to better manage your user rights.

A Cloud platform with multiple solutions for all your needs

The Business Technology Platform, the new name for SAP Cloud Platform, is a PaaS (Platform as a service) hosted by Cloud providers.

This platform has been designed to meet all your business and IT needs. These include, but are not limited to, the following: 

Database & Data management


Application dEvelopment & intEgration

Intelligent technologies

Putting our technological and business expertise at the heart of your transition to the cloud

At Aymax, we believe that every digital transformation must be designed with the business in mind. We build powerful, fast, and sustainable IT infrastructures, using Cloud technologies such as SAP BTP.

Our business and technology experts combine all their knowledge to work with you to leverage the benefits of the SAP Business Technology Platform.


One of the major players in the French energy sector asked Aymax to integrate the SAP BTP solution into an existing S/4 HANA system, to satisfy its needs of harmonizing its system and unifying its business processes.

Here are the key features of the implemented solution:


Gold Partner

ISO 27001

Microsoft Azure

ISO 9001   



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