Telecommunication: Modernize your IT system with an SAP integration

In a dynamic market, telecom professionals are faced with significant investments to optimize their processes in order to stay competitive. Product innovation is also a crucial issue in this sector today, placing information and business organization at the center of its performance metrics.  

An SAP integration applied to the telecommunication sector allows to structure organization, to optimize innovation and to guarantee scalability. 

Our experts will assist you in optimizing all your business processes and effectively mobilizing your data to ensure a significant gain in productivity, agility and quality through the integration of a SAP system.  

Place innovation and data

at the heart of your business evolutions

The telecommunications sector is in full bloom today. From 5G networks to product diversification, each company must be prepared to evolve with its own market. These new developments place data at the heart of the sector’s objectives.  

Our teams support you in the evolution of your business processes in order to gain more agility. We place your data at the center of your developments, making your SAP system the best lever for your growth.  

Ensure your growth in the telecom market with SAP solutions

  • Be as close as possible to your customers’ expectations with a data-driven vision that supports you in making accurate and efficient decisions   
  • Increase your customer engagement with marketing automation, to be present on all your customers’ contact points   
  • Deploy an omnichannel customer relationship strategy, from your physical points of sale to your customer support and follow-up, via your e-commerce solutions. You manage your consumer interactions in a global way to serve your brand experience.  
  • Analyze the success of your sales teams and engage with your current customers to maximize your profits and strengthen the link with your future customers.   
  • Interconnect all your services for centralized information  
  • Control your supply chain in line with your product or organizational changes   
  • Put your data at the center of your innovations to meet your market’s expectations   
  • Optimize the management of your assets for a perfect control of your costs   
  • Guarantee safety, health and respect of the environment in all your processes   
  • Ensure real-time control of your warehouse and inventory management   
  • Analyze all your financial operations to manage your growth   
  • Control your costs and profitability to keep up with your market   
  • Ensure compliance of all your actions
  • Optimize your billing systems for a smooth and efficient follow-up of your finances

upport throughout the entire cycle of your

SAP integration project


Analyze your business context at all points of contact with all your users in your digital ecosystem: supply chain, finance and operations.    


Understand your business processes and their interactions    


Mobilize the best of SAP solutions adapted to your needs   


Define a scalable model that meets your short- and medium-term objectives   


Integrate a solution and train your teams to use it     

eams that adapt to your needs in order to meet the demands of the telecommunications sector

We rely on our expertise in order to offer you customized solutions. Thanks to our skills in the supplychain, finance and operations modules, we guarantee full control of your projects and telecommunication activities.  

With our teams, we ensure the implementation of the most suitable information system, by mobilizing the best of SAP solutions, to support you in your growth.  

Our team of more than 180 consultants is present in 4 countries: France, Tunisia, Egypt and Belgium. Talents, with diverse skills, tp support you from start to finish with flexibility in case of a surge in workload. 



Implementation of an S/4 Hana solution – Functional part
As the leading telecom infrastructure operator in Tunisia, Level 4 offers very high-speed services to telecom operators and Internet service providers.


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